Black+Decker CTO6335S Toaster Oven Review

Black+Decker CTO6335S Countertop Convection Toaster Oven Review

My Black and Decker CTO6335S review will inform you of all the good and bad things you must know about toaster ovens before you buy one. I feel very confident about this topic because I read over 100 reviews myself before I landed on the Black and Decker 6 slice toaster oven.

Our old reliable toaster gave up ‘on life’ a few weeks back and so I needed to find a replacement that would suit our ongoing needs. We have 3 fast growing boys in our family and so a larger toaster was always going to be on the cards.

The Latest In Toaster Ovens

Between breakfast, school lunches, football practice, friends over, soccer games, and just general hunger, a simple 2 or even 4 slice toaster was no longer going to cut it in our family.

We needed something bigger, but I was not sure what was available. Was there anything bigger than a 4 slice toaster that could also cook pizza? The answer, an emphatic yes!

It was like the world of toasters had been revolutionized all whilst I was asleep!

What Do You Need In A Toaster Oven?

I have learnt about 6 slice toaster ovens, pizza toaster ovens, convection toaster ovens, countertop ovens, and all of the different functions that made a simple 2 slice toaster seem totally redundant.

In making my final decision as to which toaster would suit us best, I listed down all the things that would be ideal for us to have within arm’s reach on our countertop.

I also took a little liberty and included the things that I personally would want if such an appliance even existed:

  • A 6 slice toaster oven
  • A pizza toaster oven
  • A small oven that could cook snacks like bagels, cookies, small frozen foods
  • A convection toaster oven that could bake potatoes and vegies
  • A oven that could roast a whole chicken, and cook a casserole or stew
  • A small countertop oven that would sit neatly on my kitchen bench and look smart
  • A oven that would not overly heat up our space but still cook very well
  • An appliance that was easy to clean, and not at all fiddly

With my list in mind, I read through all of the reviews on Amazon and on various appliance brand websites, and I eventually landed on a Black+Decker 6 slice toaster oven. The specific model is the CTO6335S and it is simply wonderful.

This Black and Decker toaster oven toasts 6 slices at once. That means our boys are not jostling at breakfast time to get the first slice of toast that pops. A one-batch toaster is ideal in a large family, and fast!

Cook Up A Storm In The Kitchen

It is the perfect pizza toaster oven because it cooks both frozen pizza and home-made fresh pizza perfectly. Without blowing our own trumpet, sometimes our pizzas that we make in our toaster oven taste just like you would expect from an authentic pizza restaurant.

On the base we add a little tomato sauce, some basil and then comes the cheese. We’re big cheese lovers in our family, so we top with mozzarella, cheddar and some provolone. The result is absolutely mouth-watering.

For snacks and afternoon treats, I bake cakes, biscuits, cookies and all the sweet delights growing boys can ‘woof’ down. They also like spanakopita so I grab some from the freezer and pop that in the Black and Decker countertop oven tray. They are cooked with minutes!

Stop Using Your Kitchen Oven

Sometimes I use this little oven instead of my big kitchen oven. This is because in Summer this countertop oven does not heat up our whole kitchen like my big oven. A true blessing when it comes to cooking large family dinners. When it is hot outside and I want to cook a roast dinner with all of the trimmings, I really don’t want to sweat like I’m at the gym.

Surprisingly, this “little on the outside, big on the inside” Black+Decker countertop oven roasts very nicely and evenly.

I also make lasagna, vegetables, beef pot roasts, hearty tomato beef stews, spaghetti meat sauce, overnight breakfast casseroles, pork shoulders and ravioli.

The number of recipes you can cook with this amazing appliance is limitless.

Features Of The CTO6335S

Easy To Keep Clean

Cleaning it is a breeze as well. That was big on my list as the last thing I need to add to my already busy workload was cleaning a fiddly appliance. As the oven is made from stainless steel, I use a microfiber cloth for a quick external wipe. The interior is non-stick so once again, a quick wipe with a microfiber cloth does the inside well.

The Black+Decker CTO6335S toaster oven has a removable crumb tray which takes most of the debris away. I use a soapy cloth on the glass door which brings it up lovely and clear again.

Viewing Window

Speaking of the door, I might say it’s an easy viewing door.  When you are cooking anything, you usually need to see how it is cooking.

Has it risen? Is it ready to take out?

There were a few other brands that only had small viewing spaces. Be sure when you are looking for an oven that you can easily see the interior.

Timer Settings

I also like the timer and start and stop button which are easy to see on the display.

Note though, I had read a few CTO6335S reviews whom were disappointed that the display numbers were not as big as on other appliances. When I bought ours, I asked the store attendant to show me the Black and Decker CT06335S working so that I could see for myself what the screen looked like. I personally was happy with the display but, I would suggest that you check this out for yourself.

CTO6335S One Touch Function Buttons

I know I have mentioned a few of the 8 functions that you can choose from using this toaster oven, but here is the total list.

  • bake
  • broil
  • toast
  • bagel
  • pizza
  • frozen snacks
  • potatoes
  • cookies

Choosing The Right Toaster Oven

Now if you are unsure about which appliance to choose from, I would suggest that you do what I did and go through as many reviews as you can. But only AFTER you have made yourself a list of what is important to you.

You will find that some appliances have a ton of extra bells and whistles but, you and your family may not need or use the extra functions. So there is not point buying something huge if it is just going to become a large shiny paper weight on your kitchen bench.

The CTO6335S Was Our Family’s Choice

We went with what we needed, and that was the 6 slice toaster oven and it has done the job and more. I hope you have found my Black and Decker CTO6335S review helpful and it gives you a good start in your search for the right appliance for your home.

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