Black+Decker TO1313SBD Toaster Oven Review

The Black and Decker T01313SBD Punches Way Above Its Weight

This Black and Decker TO1313SBD review will detail why this 4 slice toaster oven is amazing for its price.

As one of the lowest price entry points for the countertop oven market, the Black+Decker TO1313SBD punches well above its weight in the toaster oven market.

EvenToast Technology

With their signature technology, the Black+Decker 4 slice toaster oven makes 4 of the most perfectly toasted slices of bread you will ever cook. The reason is the EvenToast technology. Black and Decker designed an interior for absolute consistency that toasts evenly without burning your toast or making it too dry.

Pizza Oven

But this oven does not stop at toasting. It is also a pizza toaster oven.

It can cook a 9 inch pizza just like it those you would buy in an Italian pizza restaurant. Simply delicious! This is true for either a frozen pizza or a freshly made pizza.

4 Oven Functions

There are 4 main oven functions of the Black and Decker countertop oven, these are-

  1. Baking
  2. Broiling
  3. Toasting
  4. Warming


If you fancy yourself as a baker or are a novice in that department, the Black and Decker toaster oven will support you in making the most delicious cookies, biscuits, pie crusts, pies, banana bread and small cakes all with the turn of a dial.  All you need to do is make up the mixture and the oven will do the rest.


Small meats and salmon can be broiled to perfection in this oven.


As mentioned above, it toasts 4 slices evenly. Plus if you want to make an open melted sandwich, this appliance is perfect.


You can heat up any food item or reheat left overs in this Black+Decker countertop oven.

Construction and Look

The appliance is made from stainless steel and it looks amazing on a kitchen benchtop.

Operation and Timer

This Black and Decker countertop oven has 3 main dials on the right hand side.

  1. The top dial is the temperature setting which is in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  2. The second dial is for the function required, eg. broil, bake, toast or warm.
  3. The bottom dial is for the timer which goes up to 30 minutes.

Note: On the bottom dial, there is a ‘Stay-On” setting, but I would avoid using it.

The reason is that the Black+Decker toaster oven can get quite hot and should you be called away at any time and forget to turn this oven off, it could be dangerous. The insulation on the walls of this appliance could be a lot better as you can feel the heat if you are close to the appliance.


It was important in this TO1313SBD review to note that many appliances may look great but are a nightmare to clean. Not the case with this Black+Decker oven. It is a dream to clean and I can do it in under 3 minutes.

It has a removable crumb tray which is easy to take out, shake the crumbs off and a quick wipe has it back in the oven in no time at all. To clean the stainless steel exterior, a lightweight soft cloth like microfiber one is all you need to get this looking as good as new.

Just wipe over the front, top and sides when the appliance is cool. That is it.

Of course if you cook anything that melts on the rack, pull it out, a quick soapy wash in the sink and then your toaster oven is perfectly clean and ready to use again.


The Black and Decker 4 slice toaster oven has a 2 year warranty. That is a good timeframe for an appliance like this one, as a lot will only have a 1 year warranty normally.


There are a few things that you need to consider before you buy a toaster oven, and I am noting them below with respect to this toaster oven.

  1. Body of the toaster gets rather warm around the 5 minute mark so do not let children near this appliance at any time.
  2. It is limited when it broils larger pieces of meat. It will easily broil smaller cuts but the size of this oven does limit its capacity in this function.
  3. Do not use the “Stay-On” function with an oven like this. Although it is small, it can get very hot. It is unwise to leave a small hot appliance alone for a long period when it is not really built for long term heat.

Decision on the TO131SBD

If you are looking for a toaster that can do more than just toast, that looks smart and is very economical, the Black+Decker TO1313SBD is a great choice.

If you have any questions about the appliance after reading my Black and Decker TO1313SBD review, go to the Black and Decker website where they give a more detailed description of the product plus loads of interesting recipes you can try if you decide that this toaster oven is right for you.

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